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Tentative Agenda*

Call for Paper

Do you have shining ideas to share with Thai and ASEAN aviation industry peers?
Do you wish to demonstrate your experience and leadership to a senior audience of your target market?
Are you about to launch a new initi
Would you like an opportunity to enhance your relationship with an existing client?
Raise your profile and cement your business foothold by speaking at CASEA 2023! 

Choose to speak on popular topics:

  • The Impact of Covid-19 on Air Travel Industry

  • Digital Transformation of Airline Business

  • Next Generation Aircraft

  • Leasing Landscape in Thailand and ASEAN

  • Air Travel Global Trends and Market Forecast

  • Aerocity Developments in Asia 

  • Airport Expansion and Modernization

  • The Intelligent Airport

  • Biometrics Application

  • Travel Experiences

  • Modernizing Air Traffic Automation Systems and Control Centers

  • Changing MRO Landscape

  • New Aircraft Technologies

  • Digitalization of MRO

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Aftermarket Supply Chain

  • Blockchain Technology / Augmented Reality Syste


Kindly note that registration fee is required for vendor speakers.​

Submit your speaking proposal to Simon immediately with subject “Paper Submission to CASEA 2023” and

secure a prominent speaking slot! 

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